Bart D’Alauro is better known as the former owner of Bart & Greg’s DVD Explosion, the premier DVD rental store of Brunswick, Maine and/or perhaps the world. His favorite things about the ’60s, in no particular order, are: Antonioni, Bogarde, Christie, DaisiesEight and a Half, Frankenheimer, Germi, Head, Imamura, JLG, Kubrick, Losey, Moreau, Nothing But A ManOnibabaPersona, Queen (Steve Mc), Rocha, Sellers, Tushingham, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Vitti, Weld, X-Rated Best Picture Winners, Yellow Submarine, and Zazie dans le Métro.


Jenna Ipcar has been writing about film online since 2013. You can find her most recent work on Back RowLetterboxd, and published in The Female Gaze.

She loves psychedeliaThe British Invasion, Elvis, pyrex, kitsch, futurismthe folk movement, the devil’s musiclucite furniturepolitical satire, irreverencestuff like thistotal camp, and all of that tailored 1960’s fashion.

Episodes drop every three weeks.

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